History and Presentation

After the established success of the four preceding editions of the Amarante International Guitar Festival the fifth edition intends to pursue the path of success accomplished so far by embodying, affirming and reinforcing the significance of the classical guitar not only in the Amarante community but also in the Portuguese guitar community.

As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” the purposes and the procedures of the festival remain similar to those of the preceding editions. To disclosure the guitar as a soloist instrument is still the main focus of the festival. In each edition of the festival is being created a path of awareness as the listeners and the players/participants in the concerts and in the competition are becoming more aware, more skilled and more connoisseurs of the dynamic and the potentials of the guitar as an instrument. The cultural richness is our drive.

The city of Amarante as well as the CCA –Maria Amélia Laranjeira Cultural Centre have become, through the festival, cultural benchmarks of the classical guitar national and internationally due to not only the presence of the renowned international guitarists that have performed in the three preceding editions but also due to the young national and international guitarists that have participated in the competition. Both have become communicational outlets as they convey the quality, the competence and the diligence of the festival’s organisation and also the kindness of the local community that welcomes them so well. Therefore the festival is cementing a successful project that is echoing in the national and in the international guitar spheres.