How to get to Amarante

Amarante is just 40 minutes away from the Oporto city, accessible by the A4 motorway. There are two properly signposted exits: Amarante-Oeste and Amarante-Este.

If you would like to travel non-toll roads you can do it by driving on the national road EN15.

The city of Amarante has a central bus station so you can travel with the Rodonorte, Valpi, Transdev and Internorte bus operators.

If you choose to go by train you should take the Linha do Douro at the S. Bento or Campanhã train stations in the Oporto city. Then you will have to exit at the secondary railway station of Livração. From here to Amarante you will have to go by car.

The closest flight connection is in the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in the Oporto city.



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